About Viita

Periods. Sweat. Leaks. They absorb everything.

Sophisticated allure, patented performance and great comfort : wearing Viita is feeling worry-free while being ecofriendly.

Our colors and styles can fit all types of clothes and all situations. All underwears come with a 3 level absorption technology for an optimal comfort, whenever the day or whatever activity you are doing.

Psst, Viita Protection also offers male underwear!

Raquel Tulk

Its while talking with her aunt, an OBGYN, that Raquel Tulk understood the need for a new kind of absorbent undergarments. While the market was still offering disposable underwear that weren’t really stylish, the entrepreneur decided to create her own concept and line of undergarment. After years of research and development, she launched her own line of ultra-performant, comfortable and stylish underwear.

In 2014, after a noticed appearance on “Dans l’oeil du Dragon”, she associates with Danièle Henkel, a well-known businesswoman. This collaboration allows Viita to take off and be available everywhere in Canada and in the USA.


The high-absorbtion band underwear that combines
performance, comfort, discretion and elegance.

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Our sizes are equivalent to standard clothing sizes.

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