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Viita underwear address an issue that a large portion of the population will face at some point in their life: Bladder leakage. Every style (for both men and women) features an integrated absorbent gusset for comfort, discretion and elegance. The patented technology absorbs up to 118 ml of liquid to keep you dry and worry-free, no matter where your day may take you.

Raquel Tulk

Raquel Tulk is an entrepreneur from Quebec who identified an opportunity in the bladder incontinence market. After years of R&D, she came to a final version of a product line that combines the latest technology in absorbent fibres with fashion-forward designs, giving women of all ages the chance to feel comfortable, confident and elegant all day long.


The high-absorbtion band underwear that combines
performance, comfort, discretion and elegance.

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