Down for #ZeroWaste? 5 ways of working towards it.

Let’s get on this waste reduction journey together. Been thinking about actively attempting to reduce your carbon footprint in the world? Us too. It starts in the kitchen Scott Towels move aside! Dish paper towels in the kitchen for ~ aesthetically pleasing ~ towels....

Viita LOVES – Meet Gabriella Lacopo, founder of nūbarre

This month and especially for International Women's Day, our team wants to introduce you to Gabriella Lacopo, nūbarre founder. Gabriella's passion and strength is what made us fall in love with her business but also her energy. We interviewed her over coffee to talk...

Spotlight on Raquel Tulk

You’ve already heard all about Viita, but do you know who’s behind this innovation? Who started it all over seven years ago? Meet Raquel Tulk, an entrepreneur from Québec who chose to stand for women struggling with urinary incontinence and accidental leakage. Raquel,...

Bladder leakage: it is not a fatality!

Did you know that in North America, one woman out of three will be affected by bladder leakage? So what are the causes, the symptoms, the consequences but above all, what alternatives should be considered? Everything you need to know about bladder leakage First of...

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