Let’s get on this waste reduction journey together.

Been thinking about actively attempting to reduce your carbon footprint in the world? Us too.

  1. It starts in the kitchen
  2. Scott Towels move aside! Dish paper towels in the kitchen for ~ aesthetically pleasing ~ towels. Cute and eco-friendly, that’s a match made in heaven. Pro tip (we’ve read it on the Internet): go for woven cotton cloths because they absorb the best. Kitchen counters – a breeze.

  3. Viita is the answer
  4. Tupperwares. We won’t get into the fact there seems to be a second dimension where they all go to disappear. ~ Deep breath ~ What we DO want to talk about is switching our plastic containers for glass ones. Not only is it one of the most recyclable product, but you don’t have to worry about contamination (yes yes, we mean plastic particles getting into your food, it’s a thing).

  5. Street smart shopping
  6. If you are not ALREADY doing this one, then you should get on it ASAP. And that is carrying with you reusable bags. We all need to make an effort to stop it with the plastic bags filling up landfills and waterways. Because it’s hard to remember to bring them with you, just keep them everywhere. Like a squirrel with nuts. In the car, at the office, in your fav handbag, even in your gym bag.

  7. Make the little things count
  8. Say no to the little things. Business card at a meeting, a straw at a restaurant, a pen at an event and so on. Recognizing and denying waste — no matter how small — is crucial. It’s all about asking yourself the question: “Do I really need it?”

  9. Bye bye plastic,hello glass
  10. Did you know? A woman may use nearly 11,400 tampons in her life. That a looooooot of tampons to throw out. With Viita’s protection underwear, you can reduce that waste significantly! You can wash our undies up to 100 times, no problem. Talk about making an impact!