This month and especially for International Women’s Day, our team wants to introduce you to Gabriella Lacopo, nūbarre founder. Gabriella’s passion and strength is what made us fall in love with her business but also her energy. We interviewed her over coffee to talk about her passion, her lifestyle and BARRE training.

What energy do you put forward in your lessons?

I make sure to show up full of energy and excitement.

When students show up, I want them to feel this energy. No matter how their day is going or what changes are happening in their life; nūbarre will always stay consistent and have this infectious energy that they can look forward too.

I feel such a deep connection to the community we’re creating at nūbarre. I love watching women introduce themselves and take part in small conversations in studio before the workout. It’s truly what I envisioned when I opened nūbarre; a community of women from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds, getting out of their comfort zones and wanting to sweat through transformation inside and out together.

It’s a reciprocal relationship, it’s an amazing feeling and it’s why I do what I do.

Smiling is contagious and when I see one of my students smiling in the middle of a workout, it fills me with so much happiness and inspiration. Knowing that they’re enjoying themselves while getting stronger and healthier!

We end the class by diming the lights and dedicating 5 minutes to a small yoga practice so they can leave the studio feeling relaxed and mindful. I always make sure to ask everyone how they’re feeling on their way out; it’s a small gesture but it goes a long way in maintaining the energy and community into the studio.

What do you do to get up and going in the morning?

Getting out of a cozy bed can be difficult, especially in the wintertime. Luckily I’ve trained myself to be a morning person. The main thing that gets me going in the morning is tuning into my motivation for waking up early.

I truly hate how rushing makes me feel so I avoid this at all costs. I’m also the type of person that gives all my energy to my clients, my friends & my family so I truly value some quiet “me-time” in the morning and I know I won’t get that time if I don’t wake up early. This is my motivation.

That good stretch, making the bed, and brewing that much needed cup of coffee became morning inspiration for me and it’s something I actually look forward too when I go to bed at night. I take the time to plan my day before I get started, spend some time with my dog MIA, and either get a good read or do some research related to fitness, health, beauty, all the things I’m into.

Having your own business requires so much time spent on marketing and social media so I also make sure to put my phone aside during my mornings because I know I’ll be on it for much of the day. It’s important to dedicate the mornings to YOU and not share this precious time with the world.

What made you become an entrepreneur?

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I had many great jobs in the past but like many other entrepreneurs, I have tried to do or create something from a place I wasn’t passionate about and it just doesn’t work. Passion is infectious, and it’s the reason behind everything I do. I love meeting new people and inspiring people; I want to make a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve had many business ideas but none of them inspired me enough to quit my nine to five job.  When I thought of nūbarre; I couldn’t think of anything else. I couldn’t wait to embark on the journey and introduce BARRE Fitness to a new community. I couldn’t stop thinking about perfecting the business idea. It was this constant over-thinking that showed me: this idea was the one.

How did you get your concept idea?

I believe it was destiny; one thing truly led to the other. I had been going to BARRE classes for many years and I fell in love with the workout. I was working a 9-5 job for a great corporation, when my BARRE instructor opened a certification program. She was pregnant at the time looking for instructors.  After 5 years of going to her studio, I jumped at the opportunity.

I was planning to teach at her studio on the evenings or weekends.

At that time my fiancé Jeffrey and I also moved to Laval and there were no BARRE studios nearby.  He currently owns a fitness and boxing center here in Laval and the local right next door to his became available. We were talking over coffee one morning when I mentioned how much I would love there to be a BARRE studio nearby. At that point, he stared at me and said: “Why don’t you make that happen?” It was those few words that determined my destiny

During that time, I was also in talks with NUDA Canada and training to become an airbrush-tanning technician. I fell in love with their product after my first spray tan. Something Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free and infused with the most hydrating ingredients! The NUDA glow promises an even and Natural glow for every skin tone. I hated those spray tans that left me feeling sticky, too dark, and smelling like a tanning booth. This solution will give you that Glow all while looking extremely natural.

The NUDA team mentioned that I needed to find place of business to offer their service and that this couldn’t be done at home. The excitement of merging both passion projects into one came into play: I had this confidence about my “ Tone & Tan “ concept because it represented my lifestyle. Nothing makes a woman feel more confident than taking care of her body, her mind, and enhancing her NATURAL beauty with a healthy GLOW!

What is one advice you’d like to give our community?

Tune into yourself as much as you can. I know life gets busy for all of us; whether you are a student, a working professional, a mother, a working mother, as women we all have daily stresses that come into our lives and we tend to forget about ourselves.

A woman’s confidence is all she needs to take on these daily stresses and this isn’t always superficial.

Confidence is in the mind. Taking just a little bit of time each day for yourself will increase your self-love and your confidence. I encourage you to wake up earlier if you have too and take that time in the morning, Being healthy also plays a huge role on your confidence. I encourage you to find a workout that is fun for you and that takes your mind off those daily stresses. If you don’t enjoy the workout, it won’t work. So don’t be afraid to try something new. Taking care of your body is such an important factor in your Mind-body connection and in gaining that self-love.

Don’t force a feeling or force an emotion; when it is something meant for you; you will know it. All you need is the courage to step out of your comfort zone. If you aren’t happy with how you are feeling today, make small little changes every day; the body responds miraculously to small changes. You might feel uncomfortable in the beginning but these changes will soon change your lifestyle, the way you see yourself and the way you live your life. Small changes = Big results, it’s all worth it!

What are your dreams for 2018?

My dream for 2018 is to keep motivating my nūbarre community with new and challenging workouts weekly, to keep building relationships and build a larger brand with possible retreats, nutrition plans, and more.

My dream is to meet more women who come from different backgrounds and of all ages. I want to keep encouraging women to find their confidence, to see their natural beauty and to develop their mind-body connection. I wish to inspire them to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Thanks for the amazing interview Gabriella! You are truly an inspiring member of our community!

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